Deconstructuring and rebuilding the Google Search interface for a lesson, I found that it lacks many of the web new features.


OK, I know what you’re thinking. Google is the web, but its source code says something a bit different: I follow the Big G guide-lines from the beginning, learning new best practices every time… and I still think it’s a great reference for a developer — like a sort of…

My girlfriend’s laptop needed a refresh after eight years and counting, but I’ve never used a MacBook Pro before.

Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini

So, let’s say that I’ve never been a huge Apple fan. I’m a front-end developer and I know that an iMac could really help me, but I’ve never owned a MacBook Pro in my entire life. That’s why I took the chance to better understand how it works and if…

Developing private themes for Shopify isn’t that difficult, but you may encounter unexpected issues


I spent the latest three working weeks to develop a full-featured Shopify theme for a customer — and it was harder than I’ve ever thought. I passed three out of four Partner Academy certifications in the last months: it has been a great opportunity to understand how Shopify works and…

How-to manage multiple accounts for GitHub and GitLab on the same Linux machine with different SSH keys and e-mail addresses

Logo of Git

Yes, I know you have more than a single Git account on the same machine… and I bet it turns you mad often. So do I: there are at least two different methods to manage them. Below, I’ll show you both (and I’ll explain which I prefer and why); especially…

How-to develop a Vue.js SPA from scratch with Docker Edge and Visual Studio Code on WSL2 under Windows Home

Logo of Vue.js

Some weeks ago I published an update on how-to get Docker working with Windows Home, since the experimental channel added a dedicated support for it via WSL2 as a backend. Well, finally I had the opportunity to try it for my company’s infrastructure: it worked as I expected, although the…

How-to optimize Ubuntu, removing useless locales from the Debian-based operating system

Logo of Ubuntu

I know, Ubuntu is a great Linux distribution, which comes with lots of useful pre-compiled packages… but sometimes there are just too many. I spent years in trying to get rid of useless features from the operating system and I’ll share my results here — as well as in a…

How-to build a Flutter ecosystem for Dart to develop web applications on Ubuntu with Visual Studio Code

Logo of Flutter

This is a sort of spin-off, because I don’t work with Dart yet, but I plan to do so in the near future. Being in quarantine since February, 26th (yes, I was born and I still live in Lombardy) I have lot of spare time to spend on learning new…

How-to install Docker Desktop Edge for Windows Home and WSL2 to work with Visual Studio Code

Logo of Docker

So, when I was writing about WordPress and Docker Composer, a new version of Docker Desktop was released: it’s finally compatible with Windows Home and WSL2 — without the need of a full, native Hyper-V support. Why should you care? It would have been saved hours of work in a…

How-to install Laravel with Composer on Ubuntu to get started with Artisan

Logo of Laravel

You may wonder why I need a Laravel installation on my machine, being basically a front-end developer (with full-stack skills). Well, I see that PHP is yet required by employers to date and this framework is so hot right now — as it used to be Symfony some years ago…

How-to deploy custom WordPress themes and plugins in a local container handled by Docker Compose on Ubuntu

Logo of Docker

I know, there are lots of tutorials about running WordPress with Docker… and I followed some of them to get it working on my machine, too. But I had issues they didn’t consider, so I want to share how-to avoid them: you may run multiple servers under the same operating…

Federico Moretti

Federico Moretti is a front-end developer from Varese who provides solutions in HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a freelancer @vivocha.

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